Sunday, 23 January 2011


Horrific beginning, definitely took me by surprise with the sudden actions and not your usual weakness from Angelina Jolie. Within 20 minutes though, she is back to the action packed, risk taking Jolie we know to love; this dangerous woman who uses her initiative to get herself where she wants to go.
In terms of plot it is very good, things take you by surprise but I feel it all unravelled far too quickly, the film felt ridiculously short. Leaving it on an enigma code too kind of bugs me but would entice me to watch a sequel if ever there were one to come out; which it is rumoured in the next few years.
It is all about Evelyn Salt (Jolie) working as a CIA agent starting off a blonde business looking woman, even absconding she is in light beige colours, into this black haired, sort of mysterious dark character. She basically ends up going on the run after she is accused of being a Russian spy by a defector named Orlov (played by the Polish, Daniel Olbrychski), apparently out to kill the Russian President. All the while she is being chased by a fellow CIA agent Ted Winter (Liev Schreiber) and an FBI agent, Peadbody (Chiwetel Ejiofor). Theodore "Ted" Winter is in fact Evelyn Salt's boss and accompanies Peabody in catching and chasing down Salt when she goes on the run; all the while Ted is protesting her innocence. They work under the guise of Rink Petroleum and Gas, and he refuses to believe that Salt is actually a "Sleeper" Russian spy.
Parts make you really feel for Salt in the way that maybe she is just running to find and protect her husband and not because she is guilty, but then other aspects flip that thought by the actions she does in order to do as she wants. This film definitely has the tendency to change your original thoughts on the ongoing events, that's what keeps you watching till the end and then boom! Enigma. In that sense it is remarkable in making you desire to know what will happen next and getting you to want to watch a sequel just to find out, but if they do another enigma at the second film, if they make it, then man will it irritate me.
Some parts of action lack in physics, I know a lot do in films anyway but when she slides down an elevator shaft it annoyed me how easy it was for her. Unfortunately, was not at all as enticing as I originally had thought; slight disappointment, therefore really rubbing Salt in the wounds of my interest for wanting to watch this action-packed, fast-paced film.
Result: 7/10 for the brilliant story line, enigmas and cinematography, but lacking in deep interest and length, I think there should have been more to it or slowed it down a bit to create tension; was far too fast to be able to feel apprehension for Salt.

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